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Tree Talk: Listen to Christina Stelling, National Sales Manager, Restore 4 Life

RESTORE is a liquid gut-brain health supplement that goes beyond probiotics, helping to support tight junction integrity in the gut and diversify your microbiome the natural way. It is soil derived, USA sourced, and naturally rich in a variety of humate substances, trace minerals, and amino acids. RESTORE’s active ingredient, Terrahydrite®, isn’t bacteria; it’s a family of molecules made by bacteria. The gut lining is a barrier, our first line of defense, working to protect our bloodstream (and the rest of our body) from toxic substances such as herbicides, gluten, and other foreign particles. But just as importantly, it functions to allow the passage of beneficial nutrients. Preserving the integrity of this barrier is key to health.

Tight junctions (the seals between cells) fortify our gut linings. Good health depends on the gut, and a healthy gut depends on tight junction integrity. When tight junctions are exposed to environmental toxins, they break apart, allowing foreign particles to invade the bloodstream. This compromises your immune system.

RESTORE helps maintain tight junction integrity, pure and simple. This encourages better cell-to-cell communication, a more diverse microbiome, and a better protected immune system. Wise Old Tree Herbs is a trusted online seller of RESTORE gut health products.