Buried Treasure

Tree Talk: Listen to Andrew Burks, Chief Operations Officer, Life Line Foods

Buried Treasure Liquid Nutrients are formulated primarily to support customers with products that produce results fast - the liquid advantage! The manufacturer of Buried Treasure Liquid Nutrients is Life Line Foods, a family owned business founded in 1969. With more than 50 years in the nutraceutical health food business, the mission of Life Line Foods is still to inspire, motivate, and empower as many people as possible to good health.

Did you know all Buried Treasure products are produced with renewable solar energy? In 2009, Life Line Foods made the transition to green manufacturing with the installation of voltaic solar panels at its facility nestled in the beautiful mountains of Tennessee.

The Buried Treasure product line has been helping customers and their families since 1995 with new and longtime customer favorites, including Buried Treasure ACF family of products, VM-100 Complete, Active 55 Plus for seniors, Added Attention for children, Coconut MCT Oil, Aller Ease seasonal relief, B Complete Vitamins, Liquid D3 with K2, and liquid colloidal minerals. Realizing the need for liquid nutrients is greater than ever before, Life Line Foods remains at the forefront of the liquid nutrient industry. Wise Old Tree Herbs is a trusted online seller of Buried Treasure Liquid Nutrients.