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Stevita Stevia

Tree Talk: Listen to Tanya Rodrigues-Kirkland, Director of Operations, Stevita Naturals

Stevita Naturals, the original stevia company, is dedicated to offering you the highest quality and best tasting stevia, supported by a long tradition in the stevia business.

In the early 1980s, farmers in Maringa, Brazil formed a cooperative to harvest stevia leaves. Maringa is in southwestern Brazil, the native habitat of the stevia plant. In the mid 1980s, these farmers turned it into a company to farm the plants and extract the sweet crystals from the stevia leaves. In 1987, the extraction factory was completed.

In 1988, the Stevita brand, the first stevia based tabletop sweetener in the world, was introduced into the local market.

Stevita offers a variety of products, including Stevita Spoonable, Supreme, and Simply Stevia formulas, along with stevia liquid extract, chocolate flavored Delight, and SteviaDent sugar free gum and sugar free hard candies in multiple flavors. Stevita products are all natural, fair labor, and eco friendly and contain no artificial ingredients. Wise Old Tree Herbs is a trusted online seller of Stevita Naturals stevia products.