Santevia Water Filters

Our Purpose
Santevia inspires health through exceptional drinking water. We manufacture and sell quality home water filters designed to support your health and wellness.

We Do Water Differently
Most water filters don't have what you need to thrive. Good water doesn't just mean free from contaminants. Good water is full of life-inspiring minerals. Our ethos is to recreate nature's water. Our unique filtration technology works in two stages: first, we filter out tap water contaminants like lead and chlorine, then we add back essential minerals like calcium and magnesium. The result: clean, mineralized alkaline water that tastes delicious.

Our Story
Life partners David and Yvonne Anderson began Santevia in 2007 because of a health crisis. Suffering from chronic acid reflux, David was prescribed medication for life to combat this debilitating disease. This reactive approach to health moved Yvonne to ask “Why was David experiencing chronic acid reflux”? Through her research, she began to reevaluate their overall health from the food they ate, their exercise habits, and ultimately, their water. Their discovery: good water is a critical component of a healthy lifestyle. Santevia's first product, the Gravity Water System, was developed to combat David's chronic acid reflux. Since drinking Santevia water and improving his eating habits, David no longer suffers from this chronic illness. His success sparks our desire to create water filters optimized for health. Every Santevia product is independently tested to meet or exceed NSF Standards 42, 53, and 401 for water quality and the reduction of chemicals and contaminants. Wise Old Tree Herbs is a trusted online seller of Santevia water filtration products.